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My Civil War Blog

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I got a new camera!  Photo album here

Other Writing:

Original Fantasy and Science Fiction:

The Adventures of Kate Murphy, Galactic Ambassador
It's a Long Way to Alpha Centauri
The Last Delegation
Sequoia House

Other original fiction
The Face of the Waters
Broken Wings


The Big Valley:
A Feather on the Wind
Love Letters
A Reunion in San Francisco
Love Letters Two
The Portrait
The Wedding
Shadow of a Doubt
Strangers in Paradise
After Paradise
A Stranger Comes to Stockton
The Amazing Colossal Mashup
On the Other Foot
Tough Mothers: Molly
Tough Mothers: Alice
Tough Mothers: Samantha
No Gilded Cage
Staccato Courtship
Unromantic Interlude
The Return of Barbary Red
A Tangled Web
Interrupted Wedding
Leading the Blind
Paradise Lost
A Different Paradise

A Glass of Water
What Goes Around

The Incredible Hulk

Mystery Science Theater 3000
The Two Pearls
A Full House
A Chicago Reader Review MSTed

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My 3-D Pictures

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Looking for something else to read?  Then check out my Literature page.